hanseferry in the port of hamburg

Ferry-Experience: Big Harbor and River Elbe trips

Big Port Tour

Discover the city of Hamburg from the water and join us on a detour to the container port and the Elbphilharmonie. Fantastic photos guaranteed!

Elbe River Tour

Enjoy a scenic voyage on the River Elbe from St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken to the wonderful Mediterranean-style district of Blankenese.

Blankenese, Teufelsbrück and St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken

Disembark in Blankenese and/or Teufelsbrück, explore the area and return to the boat in time for the next departure.

FRS Hanseferry Blankenese.

2 hours boat trip

for just EUR 18,-

Buchung Landungsbrücken - Teufelsbrück - Blankenese
FRS Hanseferry extrior view port Hamburg.

TIP: Boat Tour incl. walk along the River Elbe

Pure relaxation

Touren Tipps
FRS Hanserferry bike onboard.

TIP: Boat Trip incl. bike tour along the River Elbe

Action & Relaxation

Touren Tipps
FRS Hanseferry container ship.

3 in 1: Harbor and River Elbe Trips with a stay in Blankenese

Pass the Port of Hamburg, the shipyard and container terminal, as well as the popular fish market and the Airbus headquarter - discover Blankenese at its best.

The multimedia guide is available in eight languages.

Multimedia Guide in 8 languages

Our multimedia guide takes you for a tour all along the most important stops of our route an is available in eight different languages: German, Danish, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

FRS Hanseferry Blankenese water view.

Blankenese - mediterranean flair

Blankenese is one of the most beautiful districts in Hamburg - and one of the richest. The stairs quarter, the Elbe beach and various parks make Blankenese a famous excursion destination.

With FRS HanseFerry you can enjoy a relaxing trip through the Port of Hamburg and the River Elbe. From St. Pauli Landungsbrücken, which is the heart of Hamburg, we'll start our way downstream. Passing the fish market, which opens on Sundays at 4 a.m., we'll take you along the modern office buildings of Docklands, the cruise ship's terminal and the museum harbor with historical ships. On our way, we'll also see the container terminals, the pilot station and lots of more sights and attractions, until we arrive in Blankenese.

The beautiful and wealthy suburb developed out of a simple fisherman's village to a residential town of ship owners and captains located at the 77m high hillside of Süllberg.  To experience the amazing view, you'll have to climb up the hill, while passing the popular and unique stairs quarter, various magnificent mansions and beautiful parks.

Guests may have a three, six or even nine hour stay to discover Blankenese with its mediterranean flair and scandinavic charme. Morover, you can enjoy the restaurants at Süllberg, in town, at the bank of the River or directly at the jetty "Op'n Bulln" until our ferry brings you back towards home.

On the return with our ship MS "Kleine Freiheit" we'll make a stopover in Teufelsbrück and at the container port at Burchardkai. There, our ship passes the biggest container ships worldwide, which are up and unloaded right next to the enormous dry docks of the shipyard Blohm & Voss, where large and small ships are built.

Befor returning to Landungsbrücken, the MS "Kleine Freiheit" will take you to the Elbphilharmonie, one of the newest cultural landmarks of Hamburg. You will also see the popular Michel, the sailing ship "Rickmer Rickmers" and the museum ship "Cap San Diego" until arriving back at bridge 8/9 at Landungsbrücken.

As an alternative to return to Hamburg by ferry, you are also able to take the Bus line 48 in Blankenese, called "Bergziege", which means mountain goat. The bus will take you to the subway station, from where you can make your way back to Hamburg. If you made use of our offer to bring your bicycle on board, you can of course ride the beautiful Elbe trail back to the city.