The picturesque district of Blankenese was once home to ship owners and captains. Today it has become an affluent and sought-after residential district – one of the most expensive within the borders of Hamburg. The name Blankenese can almost certainly be traced back to the name of the sandy bay upstream (“blanke Nes” = “white nose”), which can be seen on maps of the river Elbe as early as 1568 and which used to be a major obstacle to shipping on the Elbe. This small hillside community is particularly famous for its system of stairs, with 58 staircases and 4864 steps – known locally as the “Treppenviertel” or the “stairs district”. The river beach at Blankenese is a great place for visitors to sunbathe, spot ships or walk the dog on cooler days. The community of Blankenese celebrated its 700th birthday in 2001.


Strandweg 29, 22587 Hamburg, Germany


The pariking situation at the pier in Blankenese is quit difficult. Therefore we suggest to arrive by public transportation. 

Arrival with public transportation

You can take the HVV busline 48, also called "Bergziege", from the metro-station in Blankense to "Strandweg" which is next to the pier. To depature from the pier you take the same bus to the metro-station in Blankense. The transportation with those special busses trough the very small streets of the "stairs-quarter" is really worth it. 

The metro line S1 (at some times also S11) take you from the metro station Blankense backt to main station Hamburg.


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