FRS Hanseferry exterior view port Hamburg.

Boat Tour plus Stay in Blankenese

Blankenese is one of the most attractive districts in Hamburg – and one of the most affluent. Thanks to the district of stairs, the river beach and the many car parks, Blankenese is a popular destination for day trips. This attractive and affluent suburb of Hamburg is nestled beside the river Elbe on the slopes of the 77-metre high Süllberg. Once a simple fishing settlement, this area was transformed into a residential district filled with the homes of ship owners and captains. It is well worth climbing up to the top of the hill for the magnificent view, meandering through the famous district of stairs, amidst the splendid villas and hidden parks. 
Our passengers have three, six or even full nine hours to explore Blankenese, to experience its Mediterranean flair and Scandinavian charm and to enjoy culinary specialities on the Süllberg, in the town, on the banks of the Elbe, or even on the "Op'n Bulln" jetty.

FRS Hanseferry Blankenese.
The little freedom filled with guests on the upper deck in summer.
FRS Hanseferry exterior view port Hamburg.
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Boat Tour plus Elbe Walk

Travel with us by boat to Teufelsbrück. Then walk the way along the river Elbe to Blankenese. A walk along this 4 km stretch takes approximately 50 minutes. Spend an hour or so in Blankenese, where you can enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the district that is full of stairs. Return to the boat at the “Op’n Bulln” jetty and we will take you back to St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken. You can also disembark in Blankenese and walk to Teufelsbrück by foot. The scenic footpath and cycleway is lined with lovingly planted gardens and magnificent villas.

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Boat Tour plus Bicycle Trip

We can also take bicycles on board. Why not explore the river Elbe by bicycle? Cycle alongside the river and get off and on again at any stop, e.g. Teufelsbrück. You can also cycle along the Elbe Cycle Route, which runs beside the river Elbe, from Blankenese to Brunsbüttel. In Blankenese you can also cross to "Altes Land" on the other side of the river Elbe via the ferry to Cranz.

Information about the Elbe Cycle Route

Timetable Blankenese - Cranz


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